Graphic Specifications



Notes to Designers:

** Please refer to the graphic templates provided on each product page, which outlines all bleeds, wrapped zones, and margins, to ensure your design remains within the "Safe Viewable Areas."

** All graphic files must be built at 125-150 DPI at the overall graphic layout size.

** All graphic files must be created using CMYK mode to ensure the best 4 color process.

** If you would like a specific color to be matched, you must provide a PMS color to ensure matching.  When providing PMS callouts, please be sure to send us a layered file so that we can modify them.

** Please FLATTEN all images and outline all text to ensure that nothing will shift, drop, or change during the transfer process.

** Be aware of Safe Viewable Zones and Guides that may cut your graphic off.  Using guidelines during design can keep our margins on your radar to prevent them from being cut.

** The "Wrapped Zones" (if your product/template includes one) is visible, but keep in mind that this portion is wrapping around the sides (or back, as specified in each template) of the hardware, so use this space wisely. 

Accepted File Formats:
We accept any Photoshop or Illustrator files. However, TIF or PDF are the preferred file types. 


Large format art files should be prepared in proper design software, we recommend using Adobe Illustrator, you can open our templates directly into the program and then design over the top. Photoshop and InDesign will work too. If using Photoshop, be sure to match the resolution mentioned on the template when importing into the program. For InDesign, you will need to set your canvas size to match the dimensions listed on the template first before importing. Canva, Microsoft suite and other non-design programs will NOT work for creating large format artwork. 

File Upload:
Files can be uploaded by clicking on the "Upload Artwork" tab at the top of the page, or by visiting our upload portal directly (link below). Please reference your company name, or client name/order # in the message field when uploading your artwork.
Upload Portal:
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