QuickZip Series

  • QuickZip Light Clips

    QuickZip Light Clips

    This replacement connector piece is compatible with all QuickZip/Tru-Fit display models LED display light.  Featured Package Includes: (2) Connector Piece for LED Light Fixtures *Compatible with Tru-Fit Displays*



    Replacement strap and buckle for HC-101 case (QuickZip / Perfect-Pop Case) (1) Strap & Buckle Combination*   *HC-101 Case is designed for transport only. We highly recommend saving and reusing the cardboard shipping carton for future shipping...

  • QuickZip - Support Foot

    QuickZip - Support Foot

    Additional support foot for QuickZip display.  Choose from single or double pegged support foot.   

  • Viper Shelves

    Viper Shelves

    Make the most of your QuickZip Viper display by adding these amazing curved plexiglass shelves, made to fit the shape of the Viper to create an impressive platform! Be sure to use both shelves to ensure proper balance and alignment of your display...

  • LED Light Fixture for Quick-Zip and Perfect Pop Display Units

    Quick-Zip / Perfect Pop LED Display Lights

    This replacement LED display light set is compatible with all Quick-Zip and Perfect Pop display models. Featured Package Includes: (2) LED Light Fixtures  *Compatible with both Quick-Zip and Perfect Pop Displays*

  • QuickZip SHOWCASE Add-On

    QuickZip SHOWCASE Add-On

    This add-on product includes four shelves and two support posts, allowing you to showcase your products by either presenting flat on the shelves or hanging items from optional hooks, or a combination of both. The shelves can be positioned at three...

  • QuickZip Header Add-On

    QuickZip Header Add-On

    QuickZip Header Add-On. Take your trade show experience to new heights! Featured Package Includes: (1) High Resolution Header Tension Fabric Graphic Print(1) Header Snap-Tube Frame    

  • Replacement Countertop for QuickZip Case

    Replacement Countertop for QuickZip Case

    The is the replacement countertop to use with the QuickZip series case conversion kit.  Featured Package Includes: (1) Countertop Piece for QuickZip Hard Shipping Case

  • HC-101 Case / Podium

    This transport case with wheels is made to transport your QuickZip tension fabric display or Perfect-Pop display with ease. This product is ideal to use as a 2nd case and/or podium to match your current HC-101 case. The handle and wheels provide an easy...

  • QuickZip - Case Graphic Only

    QuickZip - Case Graphic Only

    Use this graphic print for your QuickZip display. This tension fabric print slips over the QuickZip case that converts into a podium. Compatible with all tabletop and full size QuickZip products.  Featured Package Includes: (1)...

  • QuickZip Molded Soft Case

    QuickZip Molded Soft Case

    This transport case with wheels is made to transport your QuickZip tension fabric display with ease. The handle and wheels provide an easy solution for transport.  This Complete Kit Includes: (1) Molded soft carrying case with...

  • Soft Nylon Bag

    Soft Case with Trolley

    Soft nylon case with a detachable trolley for easy transportation. This bag comes as standard with our Tru-Fit and Perfect Pop basic packages. ** Please note this case will not accommodate the 20ft Perfect Pop display** Featured Package Includes: (1)...

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