Table Covers

Don't Get Caught With an Empty Table Top...  

There's nothing worse than a cheap looking table to ruin your companies image, so cover it up with one of our table throws in either a stock fabric color, or a full 4 color custom printed design!  Now you have a branded platform to display your products and literature!

  • 8ft Ultra-Fit Table Throw

    8ft Ultra-Fit Table Throw

    This amazing evolution in table throw covers allows you to print a full color 4-sided imprint in every direction, increasing your visibility while this new Ultra-Fit shape attracts the attention you deserve! Perfect for conventions, conferences, and...

  • 6ft Ultra-Fit Table Throw

    6ft Ultra-Fit Table Throw

    The Ultra-Fit table throw covers are the latest and greatest innovation in tabletop displays, providing a nice fluid platform to display your graphic content, with a full 4-color dye sub print.  Featured Package Includes: (1) 6' Full Color Dye Sub...

  • 8ft Fitted Table Throw

    8ft Fitted Table Throw

    Fitted table throws are the newest and best way to attract attention to your table top presentation or exhibit, and we do all of our table throws with full color graphics, not the old fashioned way of just printing a logo on the front, so take advantage...

  • 6ft Fitted Table Throw

    6ft Fitted Table Throw

    A Fitted Table throw can make a huge difference in your presentation. Why go with the old-fashioned style, when the fitted throw gives you a nice snug fit to make your brand shine.  Featured Package Includes: (1) 6' Full Color -...

  • 6ft Table Throw - Printed

    6ft Table Throw - Printed

    This printed Table Throw features a full custom graphic print. It will make an immediate impression when displaying on tabletops and provides valuable real estate for extra marketing power. The table throws are available as 3-sided with an open back or...

  • 8ft Table Throw - Printed

    8ft Table Throw - Printed

    A table is just a table until you throw this high-resolution full color table cover to complete the look. This table throw is perfect when you need your logo and brand to shine using tabletop displays. Table throws provide a unique branding...

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